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Changed PDF Portfolio

After much consideration and thought, I’m ditching the whole tangram pattern, as I want my PDF portfolio to be cleaner. By looking at the grids, the tangram is over powering the overall theme and isn’t connected to my online portfolio and CV.

Here is my new clean look.

Picture 1


Back from London: Undergoing Nine Til Five Project

I am back from spending a week in London taking photographs and experiencing life in London. This was part of my “Nine Til Five” project which, for five days, starting nine til 5’o’clock going through London looking at attractions within the time limit.

In the coming weeks, I will be producing the book. Here is a glimpse of how I’m going to use the images.

Back from London

Creative Review: Work Placements

A very good question for the public to give their experiences and thoughts posted by creative review, if any designer wanting to get work placements. From reading this article, I’m sure you’ll understand what it takes to prepare, organize and have the right tools to start searching.



Completed Part One – Updating Online Portfolio

Completed part one – updating my online portfolio. Part two will commence when I complete my “Nine Til Five” Project, which will start on the 17th Aug 2009.

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Working on PDF Portfolio

It’s just a few weeks away until I’ll be finishing my holiday break and start looking for work placements or jobs within the industry. To prepare myself, I’ve been working on a PDF portfolio to go along with my CV.

This is what I’ve done so far. More work will be added when I complete the “Nine Til Five” Project

Picture 1

Record Of The Week (Sugababes – Get Sexy)

I know this is a ladies song but the sugababes are back after a short break with a catchy song. I believe this will suit well in the dance club scenes through out August, and also doing well in the UK charts.

ASOS Ripped off HelloVon’s Work

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