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Young Soul Rebels – War Child Song

Offiicial video for ‘I Got Soul’ – War Child’s single recorded by the ‘Young Soul Rebels’

The track, a new, re-written version of the stirring Killers anthem “All These Things That I’ve Done”, will be released on October 19th on Island Records. Proceeds go to help War Child’s vital work protecting children from the brutal effects of war.

The Young Soul Rebels are:
Pixie Lott
Tinchy Stryder
V.V. Brown
Kid British
Domino Go
London Community Gospel Choir

I don’t believe they killed the original as I’m a huge fan of the killers, but this is a good version of the song and it shows variation throughout.


Record Of The Week: Coldplay – Strawberry Swing

Amazing song and video!

Record Of The Week (Sugababes – Get Sexy)

I know this is a ladies song but the sugababes are back after a short break with a catchy song. I believe this will suit well in the dance club scenes through out August, and also doing well in the UK charts.

Heroes Season 4 Teaser – Comic Con 2009

Heroes is one of my favourite shows on television. Comic con is an annual fan convention, which I wish I could attend every year. This is a preview of the upcoming “Heroes” season called “Redemption” I can’t wait!

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Blackberry Loves U2

Over the past few months, the best phone out in the market are the Blackberry and the iPhone. I love this new ad with U2, it’s similar to Coldplay’s endorsement for Apple iTunes.

Alice in Wonderland (2010) Trailer


When I was a young child, possibly Alice in Wonderland was my first Disney film and at the time I enjoyed it. Constantly watching it every week, never tired of it. About 2 Years ago when I heard they are going to achieve this, I though great because I didn’t like Charlie and the chocolate factory at first but after watching it I enjoyed it, maybe I am a big kid after all?  

Also taking note! If the trailer looks good, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best film you have ever seen for example, I was disappointed with Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince, even though It was good in such a way it is building up to the final two films, it still left me thinking it’s not the best out of the bunch. Second, was Terminator: Salvation.

Ready For “Nine To Five” Project


* Bringing my R&D folder with Los Logos 4 to create a identity for my guidebook.


* Also my London Pass and Canon EOS 450D camera.


Starting from the 20th of July, I will be creating my own personal project called “Nine To Five” I love looking at attractions and keen to experience many cultures and  visiting major cities.

The purpose for the name “Nine To Five’ is to create a guidebook of the city I’m visiting from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Due to the current climate (credit crunch) whilst people are more unemployed and the market wants us to spend again, but people are wary and keeping their money intact. So a great opportunity for me to spend money and to do work at the same time. With this guidebook, I hope people who are unemployed can go out and enjoy the many cultures that we created through out history.

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