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PDF to Book Guides

Having made a book using Blurb. With the documentary photography project during my time at university. I haven’t really challenged myself creating my own layouts as blurb in the past had poor limitations. That’s why many designers doesn’t use the application and prefer to go to the local printers. Another reason you have to endure is to read about 5 pages to understand, not to add image or text over the trim lines and etc. For some, others have made this mistake and received their book unsatisfied. Many complaints was shown on their blog.

After my last check up, around 6 months ago. Today Blurb has finally identified the problem and now has all the instructions and templates, downloads for InDesign. Now, designers can create books without worrying about alignment mistakes during the printing process.

(Will review this new feature, as soon as I create a book using this application in the coming month)



Long time, no speak bloggers. It’s been a very long time since I’ve last posted. After dissecting all through my work, I believe my personality doesn’t seem to show through? So I decided to revamp everything, includes my web, work and stay on a specific path and stick with a style.


Influences from “Suprematism” and “Swiss style” design.

Back from London: Undergoing Nine Til Five Project

I am back from spending a week in London taking photographs and experiencing life in London. This was part of my “Nine Til Five” project which, for five days, starting nine til 5’o’clock going through London looking at attractions within the time limit.

In the coming weeks, I will be producing the book. Here is a glimpse of how I’m going to use the images.

Back from London

Creative Review: Work Placements

A very good question for the public to give their experiences and thoughts posted by creative review, if any designer wanting to get work placements. From reading this article, I’m sure you’ll understand what it takes to prepare, organize and have the right tools to start searching.



ASOS Ripped off HelloVon’s Work

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The Book Cover Archive


If you’re having problems finding books for inspiration such as covers or specific needs? Look no further the link will provide both it’s cover designs and summary.

Swiss Style Graphic Design


When I first got into Graphic Design, my tutor from secondary school has taught the class about swiss designs. This is where I was keen on colour, typography and shapes. From ‘Smashing Magazine Blog’ here are “Lessons From Swiss Style Graphic Design”.