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Heroes Season 4 Teaser – Comic Con 2009

Heroes is one of my favourite shows on television. Comic con is an annual fan convention, which I wish I could attend every year. This is a preview of the upcoming “Heroes” season called “Redemption” I can’t wait!

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Smallville Season 8 Finale


If honest had high expectations that were a little to high for this show, so the disapointment has passed, But were some good parts, I never in a million years thought it was going to be Jimmy that got killed off, and the younger olsen brother who is the one from comics makes sense, because in the comics he is a lot younger then clark and not the same age.

But the brief fight was not only a fight, the story and action fall short of what is expected of such an epic match up. Also the fight even though short made sense, because in the graphic novel/comics doomsday is actualy underground and pretty much claws his way out so it does leave to that future fight with the outcome we expect. 

But The lois twist is one thing, the other is that I have a gut feeling that clark is not clark, like chloe said how did he manage to escape the blast to that buried doomsday, so I think it is going to be a wait and see when the show returns in the fall. But also bringing back Zod is going to be really interesting as we seen Lex only to be controlled by Zod himself in previous episodes. Also now we have the watch tower maybe more justice league episodes and more justice league characters. 

But it stated Clark was destined to kill Doomsday or in fact Davis Bloom was to be killed in order to resurrect Zod himself? Zod’s wife who appeared in episode 8 “Bloodline” indicated Davis looked like his husband and Doomsday was her son. We know Doomsday was built with Zod’s DNA as he has his powers combine with creatures from krypton.

Lost Season 5 Finale

lost season 5

With the build up to season 5 finale, we finally see who is Jacob and his connections with the island.
We may not know the complete story behind who Jacob is yet but he comes across a caring character with no sense of a feared leader. In past episodes you see Ben Linus do horrible things to protect the island only to be told by Jacob himself, but Ben admitted he has never met Jacob or spoke to him. This proves Ben can either be manipulated or he has problems.

I love how Jacob was woven into some of our favourite losties’ lives as it really gives a sense of meaning to those characters we’ve come to discover over the seasons. The fact they are special and are destined to do something on the island. You get to see the mysterious 4 toes statue again but we still don’t know what happened to the rest of it’s body. The statue was massive, who was that guy with Jacob in the beginning? was it his equal? Who were on the ship, which was approaching? Still more questions to be answered.

The biggest shocker and surprise of the season finale is the new Locke isn’t who everyone think he is. Ilana will be key to the final ever series as she presumed to know who Jacob was. Ilana showed Richard the body of Locke inside a metal crate from the cargo. Dead is dead after all. So is the new Locke the mysterious guy in the beginning? The guy who created the Black Smoke? ARGH! QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS! 

Back in 1977, the reason this episode falls a little short is due mostly to some of the motivations of the characters and their reasoning for deciding to detonate the bomb. After a brilliantly choreographed, bare-knuckled fight sequence between Jack and Sawyer. We understood they wanted to get off the island and never wanted to experience terrible things that has happened. Suddenly Jack confessed he’s doing this because he screwed up his chances with Kate. But if he did reset everything, he wouldn’t have met Kate in the first place? The double episode finished with a big white light as Juliet managed to detonate the bomb as we thought she died after falling into a long pit with sharp metal objects awaiting for her at the bottom? 

Next series is the last series ever and I can’t wait, still there are more questions to be answered but certainly season 5 was a success. Do we see the characters from 1977 again in the present time as Jacob final words were “They’re coming’? was it the bomb that killed the Darma and for them to activate time travel again?