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If anyone loves typography within design, like myself. See the new improved Typojungle. Showing inspirational work.

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Back from London: Undergoing Nine Til Five Project

I am back from spending a week in London taking photographs and experiencing life in London. This was part of my “Nine Til Five” project which, for five days, starting nine til 5’o’clock going through London looking at attractions within the time limit.

In the coming weeks, I will be producing the book. Here is a glimpse of how I’m going to use the images.

Back from London

Fish Eye Photography


A while back I come across “Fish Eye Photography” after a brief 10 minutes of thinking about poster designs, I intend to have images within a shape such as squares, rectangle or circular. So I went back to focus how interesting these examples were? and if I was to use this technique, how could I set it out within any poster designs?

NTF – Possible Layouts and Identity


I’ve been working on “Nine To Five’ identity before I’ll be taking images next week. Here is the possible layout of the front cover.

Ready For “Nine To Five” Project


* Bringing my R&D folder with Los Logos 4 to create a identity for my guidebook.


* Also my London Pass and Canon EOS 450D camera.


Starting from the 20th of July, I will be creating my own personal project called “Nine To Five” I love looking at attractions and keen to experience many cultures and  visiting major cities.

The purpose for the name “Nine To Five’ is to create a guidebook of the city I’m visiting from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Due to the current climate (credit crunch) whilst people are more unemployed and the market wants us to spend again, but people are wary and keeping their money intact. So a great opportunity for me to spend money and to do work at the same time. With this guidebook, I hope people who are unemployed can go out and enjoy the many cultures that we created through out history.

My Influences

Passing – Book




I’ve uploaded my previous work, which is called ‘Passing’ It is a documentary photography project working with Robyn Taylor the photographer. Passing consist a collection of images taken from Cardiff and Bristol which covers public places becoming non-places. Even without a presence of people we intend to feel it’s aura, evidently we as people leave marks of our existence.

To look at more of this book, go to

Rikki B


Click here to see Rikki B’s collection of photographs where he uses cross processing which gives the picture an amazing effect. I really love it and hopefully when I get my Canon Camera, I will be taking photos when I’m travelling and use this technique for my print work or for show.