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If anyone loves typography within design, like myself. See the new improved Typojungle. Showing inspirational work.

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Portfolio Theme

Passing Poster

Having a love for typography, shapes and colours. My physical portfolio will be influenced by my identity, using the tangrams.

Here is a poster of this project, this can also be used as; a pdf, mailer and etc.

NTF – Possible Layouts and Identity


I’ve been working on “Nine To Five’ identity before I’ll be taking images next week. Here is the possible layout of the front cover.

Logo Design Love

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For you logo lovers out there check out ‘Logo Design Love’

It’s authored by David Airey, a self-employed graphic designer and logo lover.

Dorota Stalmach

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Dorota Stalmach is an amazing illustrator and designer, fellow classmate, who graduated studying BA (Hons) Graphic Design  at the University of Wales, Newport School of Art, Media and Design. Achieving a deserved first honours degree!

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Chinese Tangram Calendar



Jan’ 09. I’ve created a gift for my personal identity project, 2 way calendar for a office table.

One side is an A5 sheet showing the identity of a chinese zodiac animal with the back page containing information of what’s 2009 will bring. Side 2 have tangram puzzles so that other people can see what date, month, animal or even message by interacting.