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Alice in Wonderland (2010) Trailer


When I was a young child, possibly Alice in Wonderland was my first Disney film and at the time I enjoyed it. Constantly watching it every week, never tired of it. About 2 Years ago when I heard they are going to achieve this, I though great because I didn’t like Charlie and the chocolate factory at first but after watching it I enjoyed it, maybe I am a big kid after all?  

Also taking note! If the trailer looks good, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best film you have ever seen for example, I was disappointed with Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince, even though It was good in such a way it is building up to the final two films, it still left me thinking it’s not the best out of the bunch. Second, was Terminator: Salvation.


My Top 5 Films Of 2009 So Far


My Top 5 Films Of 2009 So Far

  1. Star Trek
  2. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
  3. Harry Potter: the half blood prince
  4. Up
  5. Night of the Museum 2

Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince Review


Just came back watching the half blood prince and my verdict is that it isn’t the best nor worst of the Harry Potter film franchise. After a dramatic opening of the Death Eaters terrorizing both the wizarding and muggle worlds. I thought to myself, it’s going to be action packed film. (Not having read the books) But this Harry Potter film delivers a story, building on characters and challenging their emotions, which other films lack. The characters shows a very matured performance as we get to know them more as we followed them through the years

After dissecting the film, it has humour. I believe  there were quite too much humour within the film as it was one of the films that flows through slowly and needed excitement for those who didn’t understand the whole story. For those who know the story, it’s nice to continue with the character developments other than creating a rushed action sequence. It has romances, too much I believe and finally more dialect from Draco.


Transformers 2 – Short Review – Good and Bad Points


Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen Wallpaperc

Before I’ve watched the film earlier today, there were reviews and negatives about this film being too long and for that case, they gave it 3 out of 5. But is this what we exactly want from this movie? Longer, Faster and more action? I believe so. The first transformers film was a success, so how does Michael Bay is able to make it even more remarkable and add more characters? Hmmmm? Make it longer! Get my drift!


Good Points

  • Battle Royal between Autobots and the Deceptecons.
  • Storyline was simple and easy to follow as it is a long film.
  • Jetfire is in the film. For all the fanboys out there! You know what I mean.
  • Shows the complicated relationship between Megatron and Starscream, as they did in the comics and animated series.
  • And finally the film has quality humour to it! They are many scenes which made the audiences laughed their heads off during the film.

Bad Points

  • Too many scenes with the government and the soldiers
  • Jetfire is old.
  • No Unicron in the ending.

I want to give more spoilers away but, you have to see the film for yourselves. 😉

Record Of The Week: Linkin Park – NEW DIVIDE


New or rebirth of the franchise?


Before J.J. Abrams was charged with the task of reviving Star Trek it was divided into mixed critics from its tv series and unsuccessful big screen cameos. The creator of Lost and Cloverfield has definitely succeeds the aim of giving it a fresh new look, action pack summer blockbuster hit to attract new fans.

The young casts to play the original series ‘classic’ characters, played a vital role of the film as we learn their characters as a whole and how they were formed. Nonetheless, Trek is all about Kirk and Spock and their living portrayals ensure Trek feels like a living breathing movie. This Trek movie has many strong emotional scenes, which Trek’s has been lacking for decades. We must credit the script writers and producers to stay true and follow the development of the characters and easy storytelling.

This is simply a fantastic achievement from Abrams and co. It’s a pleasure to say this has been the best prequels that has ever made for a long time. This achievement will bring new fans, such as myself, wanting a sequel. But many Trekies disapproves as they are angry that William Shatner wasn’t even considered to be in the film as leonard Nimoy made an appearance.