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Bold Typography


During my time blogging, I’ve spent searching for new talents for inspiration. This is where I come across a successful designer named Pablo Alfieri and have converted me in doing handmade projects in future.

They say making type bold make things stand out, this project is to experiment the theory.


3D Letters


Finally, I’ve received my 3D Letters, which are made out of polystyrene. I’m hoping to create further typography projects using these.

Matt Needle – Genero Magazine Project

We have Computer Arts, Creative Review, Grafik and many publishing articles that introduces many creative talents. An Emerging talent and fellow student Matt Needle  has set up his own publication, may I say a better catch name, GENERO.



Are you a young creative?

The Genero Project is looking for the cream of worldwide creative talent, whether it be Art, Design, Photography, Creative Writing, Film-Making, Documentary Makers, Musicians, Fashion Designer, we are looking for you to contribute, and get your work seen by a wider audience.

What Is The Genero Project?

Genero (Latin for create) is a publication which aims focus at purely emerging talent within the fields of creativity listed above.