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Olly Moss

cod copy sims

This redesign of classic video game covers based on Penguin Marber Grid. Is my favourite work from Olly Moss.


Jaguar Skills


When listening to the Chris Moyles Show. I’ve been hearing about Jaguar Skills alot. Who is a master class in mixing tunes or all sorts. From looking at his website, his art work is fantastic with his self branding ninja.

Heroes Season 4 Teaser – Comic Con 2009

Heroes is one of my favourite shows on television. Comic con is an annual fan convention, which I wish I could attend every year. This is a preview of the upcoming “Heroes” season called “Redemption” I can’t wait!

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Blackberry Loves U2

Over the past few months, the best phone out in the market are the Blackberry and the iPhone. I love this new ad with U2, it’s similar to Coldplay’s endorsement for Apple iTunes.

Alice in Wonderland (2010) Trailer


When I was a young child, possibly Alice in Wonderland was my first Disney film and at the time I enjoyed it. Constantly watching it every week, never tired of it. About 2 Years ago when I heard they are going to achieve this, I though great because I didn’t like Charlie and the chocolate factory at first but after watching it I enjoyed it, maybe I am a big kid after all?  

Also taking note! If the trailer looks good, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best film you have ever seen for example, I was disappointed with Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince, even though It was good in such a way it is building up to the final two films, it still left me thinking it’s not the best out of the bunch. Second, was Terminator: Salvation.

Fish Eye Photography


A while back I come across “Fish Eye Photography” after a brief 10 minutes of thinking about poster designs, I intend to have images within a shape such as squares, rectangle or circular. So I went back to focus how interesting these examples were? and if I was to use this technique, how could I set it out within any poster designs?

The Book Cover Archive


If you’re having problems finding books for inspiration such as covers or specific needs? Look no further the link will provide both it’s cover designs and summary.